The Best of Pelican on Money 2012

Money – it controls our lives, determines our happiness in some ways more than others, and makes us live out our dreams or huddle in depression. In the short existence of this blog, I have been trying to explore this powerful force of human creation to figure out how to best manage it. How do we use money to work for us? How do we make more of it, spend less, save more and invest? … Continue reading

Sometimes It’s Better to Pay Up

You’re being charged a late fee and your outstanding bill is going into collections. Do you spend several days arguing the mistake someone in charge of your bill has made, or pay up the late fee and entire balance due? This is the situation I found myself in a couple of weeks back. The Situation Upon moving to a new town, I sent in a written request to terminate my utilities and send my last … Continue reading

Powerful Lessons Learned in Starting an Online Store (Part 2)

This is the 2nd part of the two-part interview with Grayson Bell of Debt Roundup. If you you missed part 1, please see below: Powerful Lessons Learned in Starting an Online Store (Part 1) Powerful Lessons Learned in Starting an Online Store (Part 2) The first part of the interview discusses important issues you should know about before starting an online store. Without making this a huge intro to an already lengthy (but very interesting) … Continue reading

Powerful Lessons Learned in Starting an Online Store (Part 1)

For those of you who enjoyed last week’s post on Pros and Cons of Making Money With an Online Store, Blue Pelican Loans brings to you a very special post today. Over the weekend I had a chance to interview Grayson Bell of Debt Roundup. Grayson started his own electronics online store (one of the most competitive niches out there) and turned it into a full-time job that supported his family. He answered some tough … Continue reading

LinkLuv Friday Missing Persons Edition

In case you haven’t noticed, comments and posts from Veronica went rogue the past couple of days. Hmm, why am I using third person? Anyway… I wish there was an interesting story to why I haven’t written anything but the truth is fairly simple – I took a break. And it was GREAT! In the spirit of Christmas (and eggnog) I took the liberty of giving myself a break. We always talk about how blogging … Continue reading

Has Your Boss Been Naughty or Nice?

With holidays around the corner, it’s natural to spend money on gifts for your family and friends. What about work though? Should you get gifts for your co-workers and your boss? How much should you spend? What is an “appropriate” amount of money for work-related holiday expenses? First Time Around This year will be my first holiday at my fairly new job. My boss is not a super awesome person but he is a decent … Continue reading