A Week of Firsts

This week has been a week of many firsts:

  • 1st page rank update for Pelican on Money
  • 1st 1000 comments on this blog
  • 1st challenge met – Yakezie goal of 200,000 Alexa (need your help below)
  • 1st Mormon politician to run for president, to lose to first black president
  • 1st election for me to vote in (I know – shame on me)
  • 1st investing book I’m reading (The Intelligent Investor)
  • 1st time I had to reject a handout to a woman with a baby strapped to her chest
  • 1st post of this kind

What’s next? A week of seconds? We’ll see.

I need Your Help

I’m happy to admit that the goal of dropping to 200k Alexa ranking via Yakezie challenge has been met two weeks ago.

There’s just one problem: I’m not sure what to do now?

I guess I’m supposed to check in on the Yakezie forum (I’ve been too busy to hang out there too much), but I can’t seem to access it now. Tried initiating a password reset but it doesn’t do anything. Any ideas what to do about next?

Over the last two weeks with all the political stuff going on I came across many posts about the fiscal cliff. I thought it would be a good idea to see them all in one place to get a well-rounded understanding of what the heck it is (as if you don’t know by now!)

Fiscal Cliff

PF Bloggers on Fiscal Cliff

  1. Frugal Rules: Should we really be concerned about the fiscal cliff?
  2. Thirty Six Months: What is the fiscal cliff and why should Canada care?
  3. My Own Advisor: Weekend readings – Obama is back, fiscal cliffs and great blogs
  4. Club Thrifty: What is the fiscal cliff and why you should care?
  5. Five Cent Nickel: Cliff notes on the fiscal precipice
  6. Weakonomics: Two more years… so what now?
  7. Life and My Finances: Preparing for the fiscal cliff
  8. Edward Antrobus: Is the fiscal cliff really that bad?
  9. Free From Broke: Are you ready to fall off the fiscal cliff?
  10. Novel Investor: To the fiscal cliff…and beyond
  11. … and yours truly: What your loyalty means in light of the fiscal cliff

Which post if any did you like the most? Vote in comments!

Neat Blogs I Found:

  • OneMint – by Manshu Verma (great financial posts and a bit of techy stuff)
  • Money Q & A – by Hank Coleman (credit, savings – all the good stuff you need in your personal life)
  • Novel Investor – by Jon Petersen (great investing blog I’m just now starting to get into)
  • Dough Roller – by Rob Berger (great advice and an easy read)
  • Monevator – great investing blog.


  1. Hmm I think the next thing you should do is just continue to focus on gaining readership. I also think looking into monetization is a good thing to do once you have decent traffic (it’s one of the next steps for me). I’d say try to get under 100k? I also am too busy for the Yakezie forums, but I hope to get back on them in a couple months.

    Anyway, congrats on all the growth with your blog!
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted..5 things that are more important than moneyMy Profile

    • I’d love to hang around the forums, I’ve just been so short on time and this little problem has become a huge nuisance.

    • Thanks, I appreciate your input. I’m just really happy it helped me stay on track of keeping on top of things. It’s a great motivator!

  2. Great job. I just have not found the time to do much on Yakezie either, and maybe my password has been revoked as well. I’ll have to try it this weekend. I don’t know which fiscal cliff post I’d vote for. They all kind of give me a headache and I hope they decide something soon.
    Kim@Eyesonthedollar recently posted..November 2012 GoalsMy Profile

  3. Thanks for the mention. I think it’s pretty obvious which post I’d vote for. :)

    Congrats on getting to 200k. My Alexa toolbar is actually showing you at 161k. That’s a pretty big jump if you just reached 200k. You’re on pace to pass me now!

    I agree with TB about getting into contact with Sam.
    Edward Antrobus recently posted..5 Tips on How to Lower Insurance PremiumsMy Profile

    • Don’t worry it’s not too late to write about the fiscal cliff, this issue will be a major talking point until it’s resolved.

      Thanks for your recommendation. I’m taking all of this seriously and look to push the blog to under 100k. Half way there now!

    • I tried submitting there but it says submissions are not allowed at this time. I’m guessing they’re working on something. I’m making my own top “chart” of sorts hehe. It should be pretty neat when done.

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