Hi, my name is Veronica Hill and together with a friend I started Blue Pelican Loans. I am single handily responsible for updating our blog Pelican on Money.

My goal is simple: help people become debt free and financially secure, while providing a service to help with cash flow when it’s needed the most.

Why We started Blue Pelican Loans

We started Blue Pelican Loans because we realized there is a need for an honest service that compares payday loan providers and doesn’t act as a salesperson would in a used car dealership. When times were tough for me personally, and I had to borrow for myself, the local cash loan service seemed very pushy. I felt as if there were no other alternatives, not knowing exactly what kind of a deal I could get elsewhere.

What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. Blue Pelican Loans was created to combat the problem of generic one-fits-all lending policy. By using our service, you will be presented with the best matched alternative for your needs, upon when you may choose to accept or decline the terms and conditions. Because frankly, a hard-working individual who just needs a bit of cash to hold over a tough situation should not have to work with the same lender that deals with poor credit or no credit applicants only.

Since lenders have different policies and prefer specific type of applicant, it is in the best interest of the borrower to be matched with a provider that favors their financial situation in order to provide the best lending terms possible. Hence, with this in mind we realized that no such service exists and started Blue Pelican Loans.

 Why I started this blog

Even though I am a young individual and have plenty of experiencing to do, I have learned my fair share of financial lessons while growing up in poverty. Watching my family struggle continued into my younger years where I had a difficult time getting a grip on my finances. Eventually I figured it out!

I started this blog in hopes of passing on the lessons from my mistakes to the readers who are willing to listen. I learned from my misfortunes and don’t want to see others repeat the same mistakes if they can simply avoid them by reading about my tips and experiences here.

If you are reading this, I hope you will give me a chance to prove myself to you, or simply follow me just because… Hey, I don’t mind making some friends in the process!

So… don’t be shy, contact me to say “hello” or just leave a comment in one of the many posts you will find here.