All I Want for Christmas Is…


Every year my mom asks me what I want for Christmas. And every year she gets the same response: nothing.

A Christmas card will do just fine.

I don’t expect gifts from people who are below the poverty line like she is. Yes, bless her heart for trying to do one kind thing for her child, but honestly – she’s done enough! The amount of time, energy and money spent on raising a child is more than I can ever imagine. That’s why when Christmas comes around, or any Holiday for that matter I expect no gifts.

Does she listen? Heck no. Can I do anything about it? Probably not.

That’s my little rant for today.

Christmas Gifts

Do you have high expectations for Christmas gifts? What kind of gifts does your family exchange typically?


  1. But wait! There IS something you can do! You know she’s gonna get you something, right? No matter what she will find you something. So why not get the deciding vote yourself what it is. That way you have control over how much she spends too. Tell her you could use a new 3-pack of sock. You want a new scarf. Something like that. Then it’s cheap and you get to decide that she’s not going to spend too much when you don’t really want anythign at all anyway!
    TB at BLueCollarWorkman recently posted..The Problem with Working in the CityMy Profile

  2. We’ve run into the same thing with some family members and they usually don’t listen. I try not to have expectations because there’s really not a whole lot I want or need. It’s much more fun to watch the kids enjoy opening what they have and having fun with it. We usually receive cash or gift cards which is fine because it can be used on something I like.
    John S @ Frugal Rules recently posted..How to Slash Years Off the Life of Your MortgageMy Profile

    • Ah family – they always want to be kind and be seen as kind by giving us the best possible gift they can afford. I suppose I should appreciate it more – just don’t like that she’s so broke and spends so much on me. I’m glad I wrote this post though, got some good advice here in comments.

  3. I don’t expect anything from my dad either. Times are tough for him and I don’t want him to spend anything on me. But he always gives me a little something, and even if it’s just $10, it makes him feel better. Parents never stop being parents, and they just want to make sure their kids are taken care of :)
    Mackenzie recently posted..My Own Grocery ChallengeMy Profile

    • So it seems. I swear – no matter how many times I say ‘don’t buy anything’ she always wants to take care of me.

  4. I wrote up a fun post for Thursday about things you could buy your husband for Christmas. I’m sure I missed a lot of cool gifts, but it took awhile to write it up. I always get asked what I want, and there typically is nothing. This year, I took the plunge and bought an iPhone 5 (first smartphone in 2 years) and I’m just going to use Christmas cash to pay us back for it. That’s all I wanted.
    Jason recently posted..Overcoming Murphy’s Law – Our Journey out of DebtMy Profile

    • I’ve been contemplating getting a smart phone, but something tells me a smaller laptop and a mobile hotspot are on the horizon instead. I’m going to take up TB’s suggestion and ask for something cheap so nobody spends too much on me.

  5. TB had a great idea. I think she would feel really bad to get you nothing. My inlaws are that way. Even when they were getting their house foreclosed on, they bought gifts for Christmas. Not smart, but I think you need to feel somewhat normal and getting Christmas gifts for your children, no matter what age, is certainly normal.
    Kim@Eyesonthedollar recently posted..5 Guaranteed Ways to Save Money on Groceries and a $100 Giveaway!My Profile

    • I know right? That’s exactly how I feel. But trying to convince people that it’s OKAY not to get me anything is impossible!

  6. How about maybe say something that you two could enjoy together, like lunch and a movie, or even something free so it makes her feel like she gave something to you? My mom would probably give me something to even if I said no. Granted she isn’t in the same financial situation, but I realized at one point it wasn’t about how she’d done enough for me, it was the fact that she still really enjoyed doing it.
    Budget & the Beach recently posted..Group Couponing: Taking the World by StormMy Profile

    • Thanks, that’s a good idea! Unfortunately we don’t get to spend Christmas together this year. Even though I’ll be at her place in Arizona again (she’ll be gone)

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