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This is a blog about money, not business per say but the two go hand in hand. While browsing old files I noticed something interesting – notes I took about a few pieces of business wisdom.

You see, shortly after my affiliate adventures, along with a friend we started a business website. During that time I was trying to get my hands on as much great information as possible in order to succeed.

Well… the business has failed for now. It’s on a back-burner until further notice. However, this advice I came across is excellent and I’d like to share it with you:

Entrepreneurial Wisdom

  1. Ignore the real world.
  2. Learn from success.
  3. Don’t plan into the future, because the future is out of control.
  4. Big is not always good. Find the right company size.
  5. Don’t overwork. Use intellect not brute force.
  6. Be a starter.
  7. Pursue a purposeful idea.
  8. Make something you want to use.
  9. Time is not an excuse, or lack of it.
  10. Stand for something.
  11. Don’t take on any funds unless you absolutely have to.
  12. Be frugal.
  13. Have a commitment strategy, not an exit strategy.
  14. Stay agile, be ready to adjust lightning quick.
  15. Keep features to minimum.
  16. Do the stuff you have to do first.
  17. Decide and move forward. Never put off for later.
  18. Look for essentials and streamline your processes.

I can’t remember where I found it – but the information lit a light bulb in my head at the time.  If I can figure out where this came from I’ll be sure to update this post as soon as possible.

Notice #9. I can’t believe this is something I’ve been blaming for the last half a year! Wow, this may just change the course of my life.

When I think of wisdom now, this photo taken on a recent  trip to  Arizona comes to mind:

Business Wisdom

Which tips do you find the most useful? What do they mean to you?


    • #1 is so important because there are so many haters and naysayers. Sometimes you just gotta break the rules to make something amazing.

    • Good one John. Mistakes teach lessons, that’s for sure. I would like to think I learned from the major screw ups in the past, but I guess time will tell.

    • Minimal and agile is what it’s all about. This was the first mistake I made with the last business and it failed. We tried to include everything and were left with no wiggle room whatsoever.

    • I’m still trying to figure out how to do #5. Right now with this blog I feel like I’m overworking. Maybe blogs don’t apply to that list? But I can totally relate it to a past job where boss wanted to slave away at manually doing repetitive tasks that could be automated. Boss didn’t want to admit there was an easier way to do something.

    • I’m thinking about starting an online store after reading Steve’s My Wife Quit Her Job blog. The challenge now is to find a niche that will work well. I have a couple of ideas :)

  1. Great conventional wisdom and some important cornerstones to success. Flexibility and ability to adapt I believe is truly crucial. Hah, you should start your own motivational poster side business, V.! As for blogging being such a huge time-suck, I don’t believe there is a solution (unless one is willing to outsource the bulk of blogging tasks.)
    Jennifer Lynn @ Broke-Ass Mommy recently posted..Plumping Our Family Coffers with an Itty-Bitty Gold UnicornMy Profile

    • I’ll try to make a mini printable poster out of this list when I have a chance :) Ugh, yeah blogging is a time suck but I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit. Will have to put up with it…

    • Thanks Justin. I know what you mean with sticking with something. We’re probably in the same category – perfectionists never satisfied with one decent thing that stops us from moving on about our business. I do some web design once in a while and sometimes get hung up on the finest details – mere pixels which end up holding back the entire project for hours, even days.

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