The Best of Pelican on Money 2012

Money – it controls our lives, determines our happiness in some ways more than others, and makes us live out our dreams or huddle in depression.

In the short existence of this blog, I have been trying to explore this powerful force of human creation to figure out how to best manage it.

How do we use money to work for us? How do we make more of it, spend less, save more and invest? Perhaps making more money is not the answer? These are all the difficult questions I’ve been trying to find answers to.

With a new year on the horizon, my curiosity about money and its powerful influence on our lives has only grown. Thanks to all of you who have subscribed, shared posts on Twitter or Facebook and fueled meaningful discussion in comments, Pelican on Money lives.

Thank you!

Before moving on to a new year that is likely to be full of blogging adventures, I would like to highlight some of the most popular and most read posts of 2012. Here’s what sparked the most conversation and attracted the most curiosity in 2012:

1) 34 Money Tips from Top Personal Finance Bloggers

Who better to give personal finance tips than yourself? I wanted to hear what you had to say and you were kind enough to give us your best advice on how to manage money.

2) 10 Habits of Successful People

As humans, we learn by imitating others. We did it as babies and continue doing it as adults. Successful people set good examples for us to follow. We can only hope that imitating them will lead to better money management and wealth creation.

3) Making Money from Home – Is it Possible?

One of my goals is to figure out how to make extra money from home. I shared my personal experiences from the past and discussed some of the challenges that keep us from achieving our goal of earning money while working at home.

4) 10 Cheapest Cars of 2013

The most popular post on Pelican on Money shows what type of vehicles are out there that keep our spending to a minimum. Most of us rely on driving to get us to work, and many choose the cheapest cars available to get the task done.

5) 10 Cheap and Practical Gift Card Ideas that Don’t Suck

We all want to show our loved ones how much we care about them. This holiday many chose to opt in for practical gift cards that save money yet make our loved ones feel appreciated.

I hope you enjoyed reading these posts as much as I enjoyed writing them. Blue Pelican (offering online payday loans) would never be the way that it is today without you.

Happy Holidays!

Happy New Year!


LinkLuv Friday Missing Persons Edition

In case you haven’t noticed, comments and posts from Veronica went rogue the past couple of days.

Hmm, why am I using third person?

EggnogAnyway… I wish there was an interesting story to why I haven’t written anything but the truth is fairly simple – I took a break.

And it was GREAT!

In the spirit of Christmas (and eggnog) I took the liberty of giving myself a break. We always talk about how blogging can be very time consuming and not very financially rewarding, but never do anything about it. So… I took the time to work on some ideas I’ve been eagerly discussing here earlier. Well, there may have been some other activities going on, such as watching the entire “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” series (original version) and a lot of sitting around on my butt.

Based on the lack of emails I typically receive about new posts, it seems many of you took a break today as well. Did we all have the same idea at the same time?

I did have a chance to read some blogs this week, many of which were fantastic! As always, it gives me great pleasure to highlight some of your masterpieces every week.

Your Awesome Posts this Week

Alright now. You have got to STOP WRITING AWESOME STUFF, because this is way too much linking going on here. But I can’t help it! Seriously, can you maybe take more breaks? Draining Blue Pelican website page rank, ugh. Hehe, pshhh who cares…!


I entered a bunch of carnivals this week. Most of them I can’t find now because they didn’t say who’s hosting, and others didn’t include my post. This is happening fairly often now and I’m not quite sure why? Maybe it’s the payday loan home page that spooks everyone. *sigh*

If I’m in your carnival and haven’t linked back to you, please let me know! I apologize for not making sure to know exactly which carnival I’m entering :(

Thanks for making this week an interesting one and not complaining about having to leave a comment here the last couple of days.

Did you watch any good movies lately? Any I should really see? Can you guess where this image below is from? :)


Entrepreneurial Wisdom Poster via LinkLuv Friday

What happens when you only get 3 hours of sleep every night and think Friday is Thursday?

You forget to post LinkLuv Friday!

I’ve been a walking zombie this week with little rest and no sleep. The good news is it’s coming to an end very shortly! I would tell you what’s going on but that would take 10 posts at least just to get to the beginning of the story. For now, let’s just keep things simple :)

Some of you have mentioned you really enjoyed the Business Wisdom post and the tips given there, so I went ahead and made a printable image. You can download it, print it and use it as a poster even. I’ve combined the tips into “Entrepreneurial Wisdom” because business wisdom deserves its own poster. See attached files below this image:

Entrepreneurial Wisdom

Download File

The zip file contains a .png, .jpg, .eps, .svg, and .pdf documents.

Posts and Blogs that Rocked this Week

Carnival Mentions This Week

Did you find any cool new blogs this week I should know about?

Stress Can’t Stop LinkLuv

Your blog posts are the only thing keeping me going this week. It’s been a stressful week – no sleep, no time, too much stress. WordPress has been giving me a headache trying to figure out why post pages are so slow all of a sudden without any changes done by me or the server. Its day 3 now and I’m still trying to get to the bottom of it. Anyway… thanks for writing great stuff to keep me distracted from this week’s problems. On a bright side, I’m excited to put up Christmas decorations and really look forward to the weekend!

Here are a few of the posts I really enjoyed:

What’s your favorite way to deal with stress? I could use a little advice here.

LinkLuv Friday Thanksgiving Edition

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I know I did!

We hit the road to Phoenix at 6:30 am yesterday, driving past Anaheim Hills, Riverside, Indio, Blythe and into Phoenix. The trip was a boring 6 hours. I drove quite a bit and at times spaced out ready to fall asleep. Surprisingly it was a very pleasant day with a high of 84 in Phoenix. The only thing that sucked was a headache I got from being exposed to the sun too much while driving. Our car is not tinted and that posed a minor problem. Other than that we got there safe and spent time relaxing.

As I mentioned before we didn’t have a Thanksgiving “family” dinner, instead went to the Phoenician Resort to dine at Il Terrazzo – an Italian restaurant. There, we ordered the traditional Thanksgiving menu and I must admit the food was very good! We sat outside on the porch overlooking a huge swimming pool and ate all the typical Thanksgiving food – turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, brussell sprouts, cranberries and other yummies. Overall it was an awesome time! Tomorrow we planned a getaway to Sedona, Arizona. There we plan on doing some hiking, having lunch and enjoying the rest of the day, maybe stopping by a Sushi place for dinner.

That’s the gist of what’s been going on,  so without further adieu I’d like to properly thank all of you bloggers who take time to read the things I write, comment and make me think about important issues I have not dedicated enough consideration to. Thank you so much!  Without you, this blog would be a ghostly graveyard.

Thank you ….

… for being awesome!

I’m sure I missed someone, and for that I’m so sorry. It’s just getting late and I’m falling asleep. It also occurred to me that I wrote this in past tense yet it’s still Thursday. Sign that it’s time to go to bed!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Il Terrazzo – Italian restaurant we had our Thanksgiving dinner at.