Happy Halloween!

I won’t bore you with any creative writing today or stir up any controversy with “Why You Will Never Be Rich.” Instead, I just want to say THANK YOU for coming here to read my silly blog and …

Happy Halloween!

Here are some pumpkins my bf and I carved:




My Pumpkin

Kind of lame, but I thought it would fit the theme of the blog pretty well.


His Pumpkin

The Headless Horseman, what do you think?

Creepy Pumpkin from the Web

The Shining Pumpkin

I wish I had carved this…

What is your plan for today?


    • Busy? I bet. How is your house going? Are you making many repairs with your DIY books? I remember when my brother bought his house, he was busy for a year. He would work every weekend, redoing the back yard completely, building a new deck, remodeling the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms. Pretty much ripped everything out and put all new things in. Even built a fireplace mantle. I was there to help and it wasn’t fun.

    • I was this |-| close to not carving mine – didn’t have much time. But I really wanted to make a post with pumpkins in it so I went ahead and took time to do it. Tomorrow it all comes down, the Halloween theme. Well, not to worry, Thanksgiving is around the corner!

    • I almost screwed mine up when I cut the top and the bottom and then it hit me “oh, how is this going to stay attached…” then you can tell the bottom is cut but the top is barely hanging on. I was so close to screwing it up completely.

    • Haha, Ctrl+Z :) Someone knows their shortcuts. I can’t get people for to use Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V for the life of me. Doing more of the same here too, work, sleep. Tired.

  1. Did you really carve those pumpkins? :) If so, great job. Kelly and the kids went trick or treating with friends while I stayed home to give the candy out.

    We always decorate our home inside and out according to the holiday, so how would it look if the house with the pumpkins, lights, witches, and cemetery plots is the one on the block that DIDN’T give out any candy? LOL Happy Halloween everyone. Have a Boo-tiful night!
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