LinkLuv Friday Missing Persons Edition

In case you haven’t noticed, comments and posts from Veronica went rogue the past couple of days.

Hmm, why am I using third person?

EggnogAnyway… I wish there was an interesting story to why I haven’t written anything but the truth is fairly simple – I took a break.

And it was GREAT!

In the spirit of Christmas (and eggnog) I took the liberty of giving myself a break. We always talk about how blogging can be very time consuming and not very financially rewarding, but never do anything about it. So… I took the time to work on some ideas I’ve been eagerly discussing here earlier. Well, there may have been some other activities going on, such as watching the entire “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” series (original version) and a lot of sitting around on my butt.

Based on the lack of emails I typically receive about new posts, it seems many of you took a break today as well. Did we all have the same idea at the same time?

I did have a chance to read some blogs this week, many of which were fantastic! As always, it gives me great pleasure to highlight some of your masterpieces every week.

Your Awesome Posts this Week

Alright now. You have got to STOP WRITING AWESOME STUFF, because this is way too much linking going on here. But I can’t help it! Seriously, can you maybe take more breaks? Draining Blue Pelican website page rank, ugh. Hehe, pshhh who cares…!


I entered a bunch of carnivals this week. Most of them I can’t find now because they didn’t say who’s hosting, and others didn’t include my post. This is happening fairly often now and I’m not quite sure why? Maybe it’s the payday loan home page that spooks everyone. *sigh*

If I’m in your carnival and haven’t linked back to you, please let me know! I apologize for not making sure to know exactly which carnival I’m entering :(

Thanks for making this week an interesting one and not complaining about having to leave a comment here the last couple of days.

Did you watch any good movies lately? Any I should really see? Can you guess where this image below is from? :)



    • Hahah, Hobbit – I’m excited for it as well. I played LOTRO for a while then got bored. Someone wouldn’t stop pk’ing me! He was way higher level… bastard.

    • Thanks Christopher. I’ve been debating between how much time I should spend blogging and working on things that actually earn me money. Blogging = doesn’t earn me much.

  1. Yes, a break is definitely needed from time to time! Glad you were able to take one. My wife and I were talking about that exact subject last week and will be doing the same thing the week after Christmas. We’ve been so slammed lately that I am REALLY looking forward to it! We don’t see movies very often either, that said I am being forced to go see the Hobbit tomorrow. My wife is pretty excited to see it, so it’ll be nice to get out.

    Oh, on the Carnivals…I tried emailing the Blog Carnival HQ site yesterday asking them to include host links in the email receipt and there Contact us page seems to be broken. :( There’s only one or two I submit to from there, but I would recommend doing all the others through the other two sites as it makes the user experience so much easier in general. It’s been frustrating to me as well, but if they don’t care about us linking back then oh well I guess. Have a great weekend Veronica!
    John S @ Frugal Rules recently posted..Frugal Friday: Posts That Ruled This Week, Where Did the Week Go EditionMy Profile

    • Thanks John. What’s the matter, you don’t like Tolkien movies? I admit, they are very long! You have to be into that sort of thing to sit through them without falling asleep. Lucky for me I’ve been playing roleplaying games for as long as I can remember – viva la Ultima Online!

    • Thanks Grayson. I’m going to try to send them today or tomorrow. I’ve just been sidetracked by working on another project in development. (Well, it’s actually a redesign of the home page on WordPress because the current page I put up from scratch and it’s a pain in the butt to add pages or fix it to work great on mobile devices.)

  2. I could see how some would prefer not to link up to a payday loan site…I was fairly skeptical when I first saw you lurking around WSL. lol.

    Anyhow, blogging can be a total burnout but it can also be a lot of fun. It’s definitely good to take some time to refresh the batteries from time-to-time.
    Jason @ WorkSaveLive recently posted..How Do You View Your Money?My Profile

    • Indeed Rod! Say, have you had luck selling your ebook? I was going to mention ClickBank as a place to maybe list it to get others to promote it for you for commission.

  3. I was not on a break, I was pestering against my internet provider :) I hope you enjoyed yours. Carnivals are usually up to the host but it would definitely help to know who is hosting next. Sometimes I submit to one that is five days later, and end up showing in the next one 12 days after. Go figure. Have a great weekend, thanks for the mention!
    Pauline recently posted..Friday recap, mentoring and time managementMy Profile

    • Ah, okay, I’ll keep an eye out for incoming links in the near future. What’s going on with your internet provider?

      Enjoy the time at the lake! (I assume you’ll be hanging out there to avoid all the noise.)

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