Pros and Cons of Making Money With an Online Store

It’s been a secret desire of mine to run an online store for a living. The lure of being independent of answering to somebody else is an entertaining thought to have. Making money online has been a lifelong passion that hasn’t really matured to where I’d like to be. And after reading Steve’s post on eCommerce stores, I wondered to myself – why have I not started one a long time ago? Then I realized – it’s not as … Continue reading

Entrepreneurial Wisdom Poster via LinkLuv Friday

What happens when you only get 3 hours of sleep every night and think Friday is Thursday? You forget to post LinkLuv Friday! I’ve been a walking zombie this week with little rest and no sleep. The good news is it’s coming to an end very shortly! I would tell you what’s going on but that would take 10 posts at least just to get to the beginning of the story. For now, let’s just … Continue reading

Ask the Readers: What Could You Not Live Without?

Update: Hank Coleman of Money Q & A wrote a great post on why athletes go broke and why you are too. Check it out! If you were broke and everything was being taken away from you, what is one material thing you could absolutely never give up? This question was brought up by Heidi and Frank from a morning show I listen to on the local radio station. They were discussing Allen Iverson and … Continue reading

Business Wisdom

This is a blog about money, not business per say but the two go hand in hand. While browsing old files I noticed something interesting – notes I took about a few pieces of business wisdom. You see, shortly after my affiliate adventures, along with a friend we started a business website. During that time I was trying to get my hands on as much great information as possible in order to succeed. Well… the … Continue reading

All I Want for Christmas Is…

Nothing. Every year my mom asks me what I want for Christmas. And every year she gets the same response: nothing. A Christmas card will do just fine. I don’t expect gifts from people who are below the poverty line like she is. Yes, bless her heart for trying to do one kind thing for her child, but honestly – she’s done enough! The amount of time, energy and money spent on raising a child … Continue reading

10 Cheap and Practical Gift Card Ideas that Don’t Suck

Don’t you hate it when grandma buys you a sweater for Christmas that you know for a fact you will never wear and will have to make a trip to the store to return? Buying gifts is not easy because people are picky. In fact, we return 10% of all gifts after Christmas. Cash is thoughtless. At least when you get a gift card, people think of you while shopping and the effort you put … Continue reading