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Your blog posts are the only thing keeping me going this week. It’s been a stressful week – no sleep, no time, too much stress. WordPress has been giving me a headache trying to figure out why post pages are so slow all of a sudden without any changes done by me or the server. Its day 3 now and I’m still trying to get to the bottom of it. Anyway… thanks for writing great stuff to keep me distracted from this week’s problems. On a bright side, I’m excited to put up Christmas decorations and really look forward to the weekend!

Here are a few of the posts I really enjoyed:

What’s your favorite way to deal with stress? I could use a little advice here.


  1. Sorry to hear about the sucky week. Yoga, hands down, is my savior. Or scotch. :P

    Thank you so much for the inclusion. I had an issue with my site crawling for awhile and unfortunately it was caused by my blogroll, which was being maintained through WordPress. I know there is a plugin performance profiler you can install to determine whether a plugin is the culprit. (Oh, and yay for Christmas decorations!)

    • Thanks for recommendation on that plugin! I installed it and ran tests, it looks like none of the plugins are culprits. The odd thing is, the pages that load slow are at random and only internal post pages, every other time. Meaning if I load one page it loads fast, then I load next its slow, then fast, then slow.. and so on. Time to first byte is slow for some reason. I can’t imagine its a caching issue.

  2. Thanks for the mention Veronica! Sorry it’s been a stressful week. It depends on what kind of stress it is for me. If it’s a p!ssed off stress, or if it’s a things aren’t working and I have no time stressed it’s another. Generally, going out (or staying in for that matter) and doing something with the family is usually my favorite way of dealing. Anything that can help me take my mind off of it is usually what works best.
    John S @ Frugal Rules recently posted..Frugal Friday: Posts That Ruled This Week, It’s December Already Edition!My Profile

    • Thanks for your suggestions John. I have a feeling this wordpress problem will be ongoing for me for a while. Maybe I should just relax about it…

    • Amen, I’m so happy the weekend is here and I don’t have to do much tonight. I do however want to schedule some posts for next week so I can spend more time reading your blogs :)

  3. Booze. Just had a couple of beer and it feels much better :)
    Otherwise, taking some time off. It is difficult to stop thinking about the load of crap that you are going through, but a one hour break won’t delay you much, so enjoy it and do what you like. Run, jump, dance, call your mum, watch TV, stretch, eat chocolate, then come back happy and relaxed and dig in. Good luck and thanks for the mention!
    Pauline recently posted..Friday recap, a panoramic view and a blogging tipMy Profile

    • Haha, good suggestion on booze. I’ll probably just do a whole lot of nothing, go to a park and maybe drink a little? :) Running is something I should do too. Thanks Pauline.

  4. Sorry to hear that you are stressed Veronica. Do you have any caching plugins that you are using on here? I don’t know about anyone else, but I continue to see cURL errors in your comment box (commentluv?) indicated connection time-out. Good luck and if you have any questions, let me know.

    • I’m using Total Cache plugin but the weird thing is things just stopped working over night. I disabled comment luv and tried disabling other plugins to see if that was an issue. It doesn’t seem to be. I re-enabled plugins and ran a test in P3 Plugin Profiler which came out to be okay for plugin timings. That’s when I noticed that when it scanned random pages, every other page loaded with a 5 second delay. I did a test on website speed test and it looks like the time to First Byte is between 5-7 seconds, but only on randomly tested pages, not every time. The index page loads fine / fast and so do the subpages if you click on “older posts”, only the dashboard and the post pages are loading slow. I tried clearing cache, emptying it completely from my CDN (maxcdn) and disabled / re-enabled Total Cache plugin and problems persist. I do have some caching code on top of the Total Cache code in htaccess but not sure how it would cause problems all of a sudden. I guess the next step would be to clear all htaccess of cache code and disable total cache plugin to try to start fresh or if there is any difference. Any other ideas? OH, I did a test in Core Control and that came out okay too.

      • Fixed! Socialize was giving me issue, but i disabled it, emptied cache, fixed database and re-enabled and all is working!

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    • Are you talking about a carnival? I suppose I could start one. Right now I just pick out the articles I read and liked the most and list them here. For some reason I’ve been submitting to carnivals but nobody is posting my articles. I must be doing something wrong.

    • Thanks! They’re looking up already :) I figured out my problem it was the Socialize plugin! Now things are running lightning fast again, yay.

    • Np Holly! Yep, I’m having a good time now. Now that I’ve figured out the slow blog problem it’s not as stressful anymore. Making dinner right now.

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