The Thank You Letter that Landed a Job

When my boyfriend got his new job recently, it was all thanks to a 2nd interview that resulted from a thank you letter after initial denial. A few people were wondering what the letter said so I decided to include it here.

It may not help everyone, but I personally believe these kind of thank you letters are a special touch that you should send to your interviewer immediately following the interview. Notice this was sent after the bad news. You should really do it the right after you get home from the interview.

After reading other sample letters online I realized how his was much shorter and less detailed. I can’t help but wonder if this helped or just worked because nobody else sent anything.

Here is what it read (I omitted some things for privacy reasons):

Dear Mr. / Ms. Name, 

Thank you for the recent opportunity to meet and discuss your open position at “business name.”  I regret that I was not a match for this position. However, I would like to thank you for taking the time to meet me in person and allowing me to express my interest. If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to contact me via email or telephone. 




Of course people who write the thank you letter for the first time will have to adjust the wording to express gratitude and excitement for future follow-up instead of the way it’s written now, but you get the point.

He sent it to the physical business location addressed to the person who did the interview. Also included a return address with email and phone information. This is why its important to get their name and remember it!

Have you or someone you know had positive experiences from sending thank you letters? I’d love to hear!

Thank You



  1. In today’s tight job market you have to do everything and anything you can to set yourself apart from the rest. Sending a thank you letter, even when you didn’t get the job, shows a level of professionalism that does just that. At the very least, I’d bet employers would keep such an applicant on file and would be remembered for the next opening……Great story and great example for people to follow!
    Travis @Debtchronicles recently posted..Debt Struggles of the Millennial GenerationMy Profile

    • You must have excellent interview skills, or just skills to qualify for the job. That’s an awesome ability to have, to get the job after any interview :)

    • Exactly, and it’s not much effort to be honest. Just print, sign and send. All for the cost of a stamp. He opted for a typed version so that it was eligible (not the best hand writing in the world )

    • He actually typed it up, even a typed up version seems to let people know you care more than the rest of the candidates who don’t send anything.

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    • We’re really happy about it. I’m not sure what caused things to not work out with the other candidate but they obviously went back to him. It could be a number of things they passed him over though…

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