Tidal Wave of Updates Friday – Giveaway Included

It’s Friday again, and this one is packed with new stuff. So much news, so much excitement, I have to share it all! Let’s start with the most important: carnivals and favorite posts.

Pelican on Money’s First Carnival

Being a newbie in this area, I still don’t quite understand how to find more carnivals to submit to. I did manage to locate one and submitted the “Survive this Economy – Kate Middleton Style” post.

The post was featured in Carnival of Personal Finance: First Week of Fall Edition at Bible Money Matters. Thank you Peter, for hosting this carnival and including my post!

Favorite Posts this Week

It’s been a tough week and I haven’t been able to read as many of your posts. Shareaholic plugin has been giving me a hard time so I couldn’t share some of your posts that really needed to be shared. However, here are some of awesome posts that I did manage to read:

New Staff Writer

You may have noticed this week some posts by Amy Stevens this week that I wasn’t sure how to classify except for awkwardly placing them in the “guest post” category. This will no longer continue as I am happy to announce Amy will be joining Pelican on Money as the first staff writer!

I know… I know… it’s way too early for that right? Well, Amy is a good friend and has shown a lot of interest in becoming a regular writer on this blog. I didn’t want to continue wrongly placing her in the guest poster category because technically she doesn’t have her own blog. We’ve talked things over and decided it would be best if she just joined up permanently. Amy is going to write out of her own will, with no compensation (for now). So here we are, two people one blog. Everyone please welcome Amy!

New Twitter Account

With Pelican on Money no longer being a single author blog, it only seemed appropriate to create a new social presence identity that covers two writers, and who knows … maybe even more down the road? We’ll see.

The new Twitter account is Pelican on Money. If you have been following me at VeronicaHill79 please take a moment to follow the new account as I will no longer update my personal account with blog information.


From now on you will see my comments on your blogs as Pelican on Money with the fancy pelican icon, so please don’t be alarmed when you no longer see my avatar.  Amy will comment (if she so chooses) as herself.

Upcoming Changes

In the next couple of weeks, if you notice the website looks nothing like it does, that’s because I am planning on making A LOT of changes. Implementing a mobile-friendly theme will be the first on my priority list. Mobile is gaining audience now more than ever and the few plugins out there to turn your site mobile just don’t cut it for me. Future plans include a new custom mobile theme that will scale to any device be it a phone or a tablet.

I’m also really excited for some developments underway that will be revealed in a not-so-distant future. Ah heck, I’m excited about everything!


To celebrate all of the recent excitement I have decided to give away (2) $25 PayPal cash.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Thanks for the mention Veronica. Awesome news too with Amy, and site changes. I may be having my wife write some stuff as well as she is ACTUALLY a writer, as opposed to me who just goes off on rabbit trails and have a decent soapbox that I use. :) I got my first Carnival mention this week as well and am looking for more ways to submit to them also.

    • I’m glad you brought up some of those statistics, as they are a wake up call for some people who fail to save anything. Savings are so critical, without them I’d be homeless right now.

  2. Thanks so much for the warm welcome Veronica. I’m very excited about being part of this blog and am looking forward to working with everyone. Thank you so much.

    • Amy, really glad to have you write here! I’m happy that you made the choice to contribute here instead of starting your own blog. I’ll do everything I can to never let you down!

  3. Hi Veronica!
    You can find a list of blog carnivals on broke professionals, called blog-carnival-what-why-when-how (sorry my link may be considered spam, will Tweet it!)
    I like your logo!

    • Thanks for that tip Pauline! I’ll be sure to bookmark that and figure out how all of that works. I’m glad you like the logo, it was generated by a photoshop action as a temporary logo. I’m having a professional graphic designer create a new one in the near future.

  4. This is awesome news! I’m excited to see the new changes to the site and the mobile theme. For carnivals, I use Corey over at 20s finances. He will submit to the carnivals on your behalf and send you the HTML to post. If you check out any of my Round Table posts on Fridays (shameless plug) you’ll see that I get featured in a decent amount each week. I highly recommend him.

    • Oh, you told me about it one time and I must have gotten lost in work that week. Yeah, I’m going to check out both yours and Pauline’s suggestions. I still haven’t had a chance to reach out to Corey but I hear his blog is really popular.

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    • Thanks Kim, I’m really excited to make quite a few changes coming up. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway if you haven’t :)

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