Why I Will Never Pay $350 for a Pair of Sunglasses

Because they are all made by the same company. Not to mention that they look and function just as well as a $15 pair.

What, you weren’t expecting a drawn-out emotional response of some sort were you?

But seriously, if I wanted to make Luxotica even more rich, I’d just send them the remainder of the cash I didn’t spend on a pair of their glasses. Whether it’s Ray Ban, Tiffany, Vogue, Dolce and Gabbana, VersaceOakley or LensCrafters, Luxotica makes them all.

You may find this interesting:

I’m sure some of you wearing Ray Ban sunglasses. Does this piece of information change your perception of sunglasses and their costs?


  1. While I agree that I would never pay huge amounts for a designer brand, I will always buy a decent polarised pair. A few people I know (Ski Instructors / Divemasters) have gone partially blind due to poor eye protection from the suns rays. Especially when they are magnified of the snow/water! Seriously consider buying something semi-decent if you are going to be near a pool / the sea / snow etc. for a long time :)

    • You have a point there. Those surfaces do reflect a lot of light, I guess my thoughts were with typical daily use outside.

  2. Crazy. I know there might be reason for some to have good glasses as Savvy Scot commented on, but no way I’ll spend that. I’ve owned two pairs of Oakleys in my life and both of them busted within 18 months, I learned my lesson. :)

    • That’s probably what the manufacturer counts on when they make it. Otherwise I can’t imagine they wouldn’t invent sunglasses that don’t break as easily by now.

    • I wonder what kind of care you’d have to take of a really expensive pair of sunglasses? I’d be too afraid to not hold them with both hands when taking on and off haha.

  3. (1) The model chick in the picture looks dumb in her glasses,
    (2) I don’t pay more than $10 for sunglasses for one simple reason. I lose them or they get broke on the job, ALL THE TIME. I’d be throwing money away. With a $10 pair, I don’t have to get angry when my daughter sits on them or a dude at work steps on them or I forget them at a job site.

    • I constantly drop mine and they get scratches on lenses. Every time I get a new pair of sunglasses I think about the money I could have saved had I not dropped the last pair.

  4. It’s not just sunglasses. Most of the regular eyeglasses you find in the optometrist’s shop come from China. Instead, go to ZenniOptical.com and get a pair for under $20. The quality is similar and in some cases better than what you’d get from one of the national chains.

  5. I used to work in eye care, so I can attest–all truths! Just make sure when you go get yourself some cheap sunglasses that they block out full spectrum UVA and UVB rays. :)

  6. If you don’t need prescription and are concerned with the look of the frame only, it doesn’t matter. Although some really cheap sun lenses are a type of plexiglass and don’t block UV, so make sure you have a plastic or polycarbonate lens. If you work at a construction job, polycarbonate is a must as you don’t want them to shatter. If you need prescription, you really can’t beat the optics from companies like Oakley or Serengheti. Many cheap Rx sun lenses wrap around and cause distortion, and most cheap frames won’t hold a prescription lens. People with cataracts have trouble with the darker cheap tints in many cases and have to do something of a higher quality. Cheap polarized lenses are really crappy too as far as optics. I would not pay $350 for any glasses, but investing in a little if you have specific needs does make a difference. Kind of like buying cheap shoes. They look cute but can start to hurt your feet if you wear them for a long time. It is sad the Luxottica has bought most of the optical world. I think competition is healthy.

    • It’s true of many brands here in U.S. I was just reading today how few companies control most of domestic products we use. Monopolies at their core yet our govt. doesn’t seem to give a hoot.

    • Glen, I found it by chance after I decided to write on a pair of sunglasses I had owned. Then the video opened up my eyes to this … well … robbery. Couldn’t NOT post it.

  7. Maybe not $350, but my current sunglasses weren’t cheap by the time I got Rx lenses, polarization, etc. On the bright side, I paid for them with pre-tax Flex dollars, and I take excellent care of them, so I expect them to last for many years – especially since my optometrist replaces the lenses when they get scratched, which has only happened once so far in 18 months.

  8. I think the same way as you. I never buy anything that costs so much only because it is trendy. So I never buy branded things , when I need these trendy things I buy a general brand and save a lot of money.

    • Buying off-brand certainly saves money, the only problem is some companies control off-brand products as well as in the case of Luxotica having market share in Target and Sears.

    • I believe people buy expensive accessories because it makes them feel good about themselves. Because honestly – how many of us look at each others sunglasses?

  9. While Lux does dominate the industry, they do not make ALL the glasses. There are still very good frame companies that have not been tainted by Luxottica.

    • To each his own, right? I suppose the ultimate pleasure in life comes out of satisfying your own desires. If buying expensive eye wear is up your alley, why not? I only interpreted my own opinion, that’s not to say its the right one :)

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