Why You Will Never Be Rich

As if you need me to tell you? Fine…

You’re Too Nice

You’re such a great person that when others ask you for help, you dedicate all the time it takes to help them instead of helping yourself achieve a goal.

You’re so honest, Jesus would make you his disciple. You gleam in holy light with epic organ music raising you into the clouds. In other words, you’re less likely to manipulate to your advantage. Rich people lie and manipulate, even if it doesn’t seem that way on the surface.

You’d rather give than take. Giving without expecting anything in return is your thing. Donating when you should be donated to places a mental check mark in the box next to this sentence.

You’d never screw anyone over. Paying minimum wage and hiring illegals instead of benefiting your community has never crossed your mind.

You’re Too Cool

Your hair looks awesome because you care about it so much. Wearing the same clothes every day is a crime and driving the coolest car is more important that actually getting a date.

Admitting you’re wrong is like admitting you’re broke, you have to have an opinion on every subject. You check your phone before you get out of bed, check email on the way to work and tweet while sipping on your morning coffee.

You’re an all-around gadgets guru. New iPhone? Check. What better way to fit in than to have what others have?

Checking your favorite blogs in the morning is second nature. You feel that success will come by doing what everyone else is doing. Every comment must be read and replied to. You’re a people pleaser. Go ahead, leave a comment, you know you want to.

You have too much. There will always be an eternal void that needs to be filled by buying more things. Being satisfied with what you have is never enough. This leads you to adopting new technology and products before the mainstream market.

You’re distracted.

You’re Too Loyal

Slow and steady wins the race for you. “Being rich” makes you think about retirement days when you’ve done your part and are finally finished with your work load. If getting there takes 35 years of employment at the same place, you’ll be happy to oblige.

Working hard is instilled in your character. After all, all rich people work hard, right? Who wouldn’t say ‘yes’ to a boss’ request for overtime if it means pleasing them and advancing your career?

You’re such a great employee that you’d rather stay in that position as long as possible. 401k is your bread and butter.

You’ve made up your mind on a comment after reading the Jesus line.


    • If you have a great idea you should definitely pursue it. There are so many people with so many great ideas. If only one of them would work hard at making it come to life, they’d be very successful. I’m full of ideas myself but lack the talent to execute them. That’s why I’m slowly getting into web programming :)

  1. lol at this one:

    “Checking your favorite blogs in the morning is second nature. You feel that success will come by doing what everyone else is doing. Every comment must be read and replied to. You’re a people pleaser. Go ahead, leave a comment, you know you want to.”

    Are you describing me right now?!? :P

    On a side note I have really thought about what time should be spent on blogging and how to prioritize. I’m not perfect at it but I’m trying to stay focused on my long-term goals.

    I also totally agree that “being too nice” can be someone’s downfall! People do not move jobs because they are too loyal, I see it every day!
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted..Why You Should Not Paint Your ApartmentMy Profile

    • Not at all David, this post is not about you or anyone who reads this blog. Frankly, I had my own characteristics in mind as I wrote this. (and a few other friends)

  2. This is a great post. REALLY looking at your financial situation forces one to look at their whole life and how they got into the situation they’re in (be it good or bad). Unfortunately like you said…most people don’t really make it based on their pleases and thank yous.
    Catherine recently posted..Paying More For Loyalty?My Profile

  3. Veronica decided to write a punch you in the face post this morning – and I like it!

    I’m trying to turn up the gain on my own slow and steady get rich thing because quite frankly it is just taking way too darn long. Sometimes you’ve got to take a few chances if you want to win for keeps.

    And remember that sometimes nice guys do win. You can still be aggressive and persistent without compromising your ideals.
    My Money Design recently posted..What’s Your Scariest Money Story?My Profile

    • I was actually going to include one final line at the end reading “Because your name is Veronica Hill” but thought it would be interesting to leave it out. I don’t mean to insult anyone that saves to retire or works hard at their job or even owns the newest iDevice. This is more of a reflection post on why I haven’t made it yet. (some points don’t apply, no I’m not all that honest or have too much)

  4. Fine I’ll comment because you insisted, lol. Those reasons pretty much describes most people in a nut shell. Also explains why there’s not as many millionaire Canadians proportionally to Americans. People up here are too nice :0) I think another trait preventing people from being rich is their fear to take on risk.

    • I haven’t been to Canada, but I noticed Vancouver looks really nice. Why are Canadians so much nicer than Americans? No, really… I want to know the answer to this. Anyone know?

  5. I guess I’ll never be rich then :) In all seriousness this article makes you think of 2 things. First, is it possible to be rich and also be a “stand up” guy or girl. Second, if not is worth it to be rich?

    I would say “yes” to the first, even if it is more difficult. I would say “no” to the second. I would rather be middle class and honest, then be a rich scumbag.
    Jason Clayton | frugal habits recently posted..12 Smartphone Apps that will Save you MoneyMy Profile

    • Jason, you’re a good guy. Being rich is not even as important as having friends (ie being an honest person who makes close connections in life) and loving family. Judging by your attitude I’d say you’ve got both of those things in your life.

  6. While this was a bit humorous, I would have to disagree with the first part. I certainly wouldn’t say being too nice is a hindrance from becoming rich; I also don’t agree with the assessment that all rich lie and manipulate. Sure, if you give all of the money away then that would coincide with what you’re saying, but you can easily give, help people, and build wealth at the same time.
    WorkSaveLive recently posted..1-Year Blogoversary Giveaway! Apple iPad Mini, $100 Amazon GC, $50 Paypal Cash!My Profile

    • Jason, I wrote this with a bit of humor in mind. I can personally attest to some of these things being true, but certainly not all. This post was written to get people going on a day like Monday, than anything else. After publishing it, I actually thought about Oprah – she’s rich, yet I don’t think she ever lied to get there. Just proves that point wrong.

    • I agree Kim. Not to mention karma always has a way of getting you back if you treat others like crap. (I hear rich people are always lonely).

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  11. I had to read your post a few times to understand what you were saying. Then I read the comments to fill in the “blanks”. : )

    Like some of your other commenters said, I think that I would rather be middle-class and be able to sleep at night rather than plot and scheme to get ahead. I don’t think that I would like myself that much otherwise.

    Great posting by the way. You provoked a lot of thought with your readers, and that is terrific!

    All the best! : )
    Why I Love Trader Joes recently posted..Don’t forget to FALL back tonight!My Profile

  12. It is quite sad that there are many stumbling blocks to becoming rich. Your post will confirm this fact. I guess you are right that being too nice or friendly will not help. There are things that you can do for other people. However, there must be limitations in helping others. Again, it is true that we have to help ourselves first in achieving a goal before we even think of others. I guess this is not being too greedy.
    David @ Bankruptcy Canada recently posted..Personal Bankruptcy Blog Carnival October 31, 2012 EditionMy Profile

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  14. I love your point on “too cool.” I never understood why so many of my collegaues had such a difficult time with managing their finances and then I found out how much money they spent on crap fashion and gear. I update my clothing when I need to and do my shopping at places where the stuff looks great but is not name brand as is a fraction of the cost. I also buy when I need it and when it’s on clearance, not when I see everyone else wearing it. The same is true for accessories, technology and even food. I get a Starbucks coffee once every few months. Yeah, it’s good stuff but there are plenty of brews you can make at home that are way better and way cheaper. Ever heard of treating yourself? Yeah, it’s supposed to be an every once and a while thing. That is why you’ll never be rich.
    Young Investor recently posted..Problems with the P/E Ratio and Tips for How to Use it CorrectlyMy Profile

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