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The process is so simple and easy... I have recommended it to my friends and family already.~ Jessica C.

What are Cash Payday Loans?

Cash payday loans are small loans taken out due to a problem in cash flow. For example, you have an unexpected expense between $100 and $1000 with no income to cover it. This cash advance payday loan is repaid upon receiving your next paycheck, thus making it short term.

Uses for a Cash Payday Loan

Common Questions

You guys deserve it, because you were so fast with your service... you got it done and I'm impressed! Thank You.~ Jeremy S.

Who Uses Cash Payday Loans?

Cash Payday Loan Customers

Most people who use these kind of services are hard-working individuals with full time jobs. A typical customer may be late on a mortgage payment, have an unexpected auto repair bill that is not easily covered with money on hand, or simply wants to make a purchase for the home.

The potential for cash advance payday loans uses is endless. Lenders do not ask for the reason behind borrowing, only that you pay back the money with your next paycheck.

When borrowed responsibly, cash advances can save your day by helping you avoid bank overdraft fees and giving you access to cash when you need it. Most of all, the application process is quick and easy, all from the comfort of your home.

It was a very secure easy to use process, they helped me out with everything I needed.~ Kyle P.

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When Jessica, a college student, was behind on her rent payment she wasn't sure what to do. With spikes in gas prices, her bills were piling up and she was facing eviction from her landlord. Exams in sight, this simply wasn't a good time for Jessica to be facing eviction.

Unsure of what to do about it, Jessica frantically asked a friend for help. Her friend recommended her to Blue Pelican Loans.

Jessica had many questions and didn't want to borrow on a whim. That's when she found the frequently asked questions area to address any concerns she had prior to applying. Cash advance payday loans were a completely new concept to this outstanding college student, however she was able to find all of the answers to her questions and complete the online application to cover her rent payment.

Secure Application

Secure Connection Besides providing quick and easy access to cash advance payday loans, our priority is also set on creating a secure online environment. This is why we adopted one of the best encryption protocols to safeguard your information. The 256-bit Advanced Encryption protocol is used by financial institutions and governments around the world. We could think of no better way to safeguard your information than use the same high standard protocol at Blue Pelican Loans.

To ensure the safety of your personal information we also created a policy of zero data retention. Upon initial form processing your information is deleted from our servers, ensuring your privacy and safety.

Do you have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information and answers to all of your questions or apply now.

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